Here we go!

The dreaded first post of a blog. I’ll be writing about veganism, zero-waste living and wellness. Look forward to seeing you around!

So this is it. It’s my first blog post on my first functioning blog. Yeah I’ve had blogs in the past, but they never went anywhere. I’m determined to stick to this one. To see it through to the moment when it finally flourishes.

I finished work at 3pm and don’t have a lift home until 5:30pm (oh the joys of not learning to drive in a rural area) so I thought now would be the perfect time to write this post. The dreaded first post of the blog.

Over the past few years, I’ve become more aware of the impacts my lifestyle has on my health and the environment. Initially, my health came first. I went vegan, but to the extreme and became quite unwell with the idea of eating ‘clean’, ‘healthy’ making sure I tracked calories and macros and wouldn’t eat any ‘junk’.

I managed to get out of the mindset and can now eat a very balanced vegan diet, enjoying both nutritious and colourful food as well as the standard vegan ‘junk’ food (I couldn’t possibly go without Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!).

Now my veganism isn’t purely about health. It’s about the animal welfare and more recently, it’s about the environmental impact it has.

Then as time has gone on, after several documentaries and news articles featuring plastic and it’s damage to the environment, I started research into zero-waste. I’m sure anyone who has delved into zero-waste living would know, that there is so much out there to learn which you couldn’t possibly have considered in the past. I used to think: “my family recycle, we’re doing our bit, what more could we do?”. Only recently did I learn that a lot of our recycling is sent to Asian countries to be ‘dealt with’, often left in heaps very similar to landfills which will never be processed and reused.

So now I’m continuing to learn about areas of my life where I can reduce my wastage, reuse as much as possible and rather than throw out old or broken things, follow the age-old phrase:

“Make do and mend”.

That’s where this blog comes in. I don’t want to limit what I post here to specific categories but would like to focus on:

  • Zero-waste living
  • Veganism
  • Wellness such as self-care and talks about mental health
  • Other random musings

I hope you a stick around to read a few more posts.

I’d better order another drink now…